The long summer of smoke and fires has affected all of us, bringing the impacts of climate change even closer to home. The International Panel on Climate Change released a report in October making it clear we have only 12 years to drastically reduce carbon emissions and transition to clean energy to avoid the worst impacts of our changing climate. Here in southern Oregon, we have a huge role to play by stopping the Jordan Cove LNG project, which would become the largest source of climate pollution in the state.

We are going to need all hands on deck for the year ahead to stop the pipeline and advance clean energy solutions. On Dec. 6, we will have a volunteer kickoff for folks to get plugged into community clean energy teams and prepare for the critical upcoming hearings on Jordan Cove LNG.

The first Jordan Cove LNG public hearings of 2019 will take place in southern Oregon between Jan. 7 – 10. The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) will be reviewing a Fill and Removal permit, one of the permits the State of Oregon can deny that would stop Jordan Cove LNG for good. Click here for hearing dates and locations.