Nothing Natural About Fracked Gas

United for a better future.

Power Past Fracked Gas works to protect the health and safety of Pacific Northwest communities and climate by accelerating an equitable transition off fossil fuels.

Press Release: Youth Activists Deliver Letter to Governor Brown, Oregon Department of Energy from 14 Organizations, Demanding Action Against Major Fracked Gas Project

The letter, signed by 14 organizations, was delivered in person by a group of activists from 350PDX and Sunrise Movement PDX during a socially-distanced, masked, COVID-19-safe visibility event with hand-painted banners that read “Gov Brown: no new fracked gas power plant” and “the climate crisis is here.”

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The Threat

The Pacific Northwest is facing a new wave of fossil fuel projects around fracked gas. At the same time, the West is experiencing increased oil and gas leasing and drilling for fracked gas that will negatively impact western communities.

Fracked gas pollutes air and water, putting the health of our families and the health of the places we live, work and play at risk. Children, elders, people of color and low income community members are disproportionately affected by the impacts of fracking and climate change. Every choice for fossil fuels is a choice against clean energy and healthy communities. New fracked gas infrastructure, like pipelines, export terminals, and powerplants, takes us backward.

Shared Values

We are proud of our progress on clean energy solutions and hard-fought victories over the coal and oil industries. We’ve stopped North America’s largest coal and oil terminals, created historic land use policies banning new fossil fuel infrastructure, and protected clean air and water for future generations. Clean energy investments are driving down energy costs and creating stable, high-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced.

Our Goals:

Protect the health and safety of our communities and climate.
Stop the development of new gas infrastructure.
Equitably transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Our Clean Energy Vision

Clean energy is the energy of today; fossil fuels like fracked gas are the energy of the past. We’ve committed to cleaner, plentiful sources of energy like solar and wind that don’t threaten our air and water–and, unlike fossil fuels, are getting cheaper by the day. We can’t let the fossil fuel industry reclaim its monopoly on our energy system. Clean energy cuts pollution in our communities, protecting our water and health while creating long-term, good-paying jobs.