Last week, Cowlitz County finished its review of the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery, proposed in Kalama, Washington. Now, the Washington Department of Ecology has less than 30 days to approve or deny the massive refinery, which would use more gas than all of Washington’s industries combined.

Power Past Fracked Gas coalition members stand alongside Kalama residents and oppose this dirty fracked gas-to-methanol refinery. We’ve delivered thousands of comments, and this spring, Governor Inslee heeded our calls and announced his opposition to the refinery, citing “the dwindling window for [climate] action and the significant methane leakage associated with gas production.”

Help stop this refinery by doing two things today:

  1. Send a message urging the Washington Department of Ecology to deny the Shorelines Permit for the Kalama methanol refinery.
  2. Join us in Lacey at their offices on September 23rd as we join the Protectors of the Salish Sea to deliver our comments! RSVP and find more information here.

Learn more about Ecology’s decision from coalition member Columbia Riverkeeper’s website. Together, we can encourage a clean, healthy energy future and protect our state from more fracked gas!

Here are additional actions you can take:

  1. Call Washington Department of Ecology

Dial during business hours (360-407-6000) and leave a short, friendly message:

“I am counting on Ecology to deny the Kalama methanol refinery. The project threatens Kalama, the Columbia, and the entire state because of its climate-changing pollution. The methanol company continues to make misleading claims about the refinery’s purpose and impacts. Ecology should reject the refinery, which would use more fracked gas than all of Washington’s other industries combined and produce millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution every year!”

  1. Send the link to this page with five friends and share it on social media. Help build the movement for our climate and river!