Update on Jordan Cove LNG 2020 FERC Decision:

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) confirmed with multiple media outlets that the agency would release a decision on Jordan Cove LNG on Thursday, February 13. FERC’s Final Environmental Impact Statement also noted Thursday, February 13 as a deadline for a decision on Jordan Cove LNG. On February 13th at 4:00PM PST, FERC released the agenda for their upcoming meeting with Jordan Cove LNG under the agenda item “Certificates.”

Courthouse News reporter Karina Brown said on Twitter that a FERC spokesperson said federal regulators needed more time to make a decision on the Jordan Cove LNG project and that one or more commissioners may want to “say something about it” at the February 20th meeting.

While it is still possible FERC issues an order for Jordan Cove LNG at any time, our best bet is that we will hear from them on Thursday, February 20. Impacted landowners, Tribal members, commercial fishermen, youth and others across Oregon await FERC’s decision and will continue to stand together until Jordan Cove LNG is stopped for good.