The U.S. Department of Energy is attempting to relabel fracked gas as “freedom gas” (you can’t make this stuff up), underscoring the importance of calling fossil fuels by their real name. Fracking is responsible for the enormous increase in methane gas extraction in the United States, harming communities near wells, pipelines, and terminals. A majority of gas produced in the U.S. comes from fracking, and this fracked gas threatens our health, jobs, and private property.

Two recent reports provide compelling details about why the Trump Administration’s “freedom gas” theme is ridiculous:

1) Fracked Gas Breaks the Carbon Budget. Just today, a powerful new report issued from Oil Change International concludes, “The economically recoverable oil, gas, and coal in the world’s currently producing and under-construction extraction projects would take the world far beyond safe climate limits. Further development of untapped gas reserves, including new shale wells, is inconsistent with the climate goals in the Paris Agreement. Even if global coal use were phased out overnight, already developed reserves of oil and gas would push the world above 1.5°C of warming. There’s simply no room for more gas.”

2) Gas is all about Fracking, not Freedom – According to a detailed, 3-part series from Tarika Powell at Sightline Institute that looked at the fracked gas controversy in the Pacific Northwest: “Today two-thirds (67 percent) of the natural gas produced in the United States comes from a harmful and toxic process known as fracking.” Sightline’s report debunks the green-tinted messaging used by the “natural” gas industry.

We’ll continue to call gas by it’s true name: Fracked Gas.