Governor Kate Brown
Office of the Governor
900 Court Street NE, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047

June 11, 2019

Dear Governor Brown,

In your inaugural State of the State Address at the beginning of the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session, you stated: “Health care, housing, protecting our environment, defending our democracy and investing in our children. These are the fundamentals.” We believe that in order to live up to these values, you must publicly oppose the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline. This project, if built, would degrade public health, seize private property through eminent domain, destroy vital natural resources, damage the traditional territory, burial grounds, and cultural resources of Sovereign Nations, and undermine Oregon’s efforts to mitigate climate change for present and future generations.

Now more than ever we are in a time when we need state leaders to stand firm against the threat of fossil fuel exports. Pembina, a Canadian fossil fuel corporation, saw its opportunity to re-apply for permits to build Jordan Cove LNG when the Trump Administration came to power. Trump signed executive orders attempting to undermine states’ ability to protect public health and natural resources under the Clean Water Act. To underscore the importance of this power, the Department of Environmental Quality denied Jordan Cove LNG the 401 Clean Water Act permit, issuing a 200-page summary of the harmful impacts to waterways throughout southern Oregon.

Days after the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality denied an essential permit to Jordan Cove LNG, our neighbors in Washington State received the good news that Governor Jay Inslee had decided to publicly oppose the Tacoma LNG and Kalama methanol projects. Governor Inslee wisely noted that these major fracked gas facilities would undermine Washington’s climate action goals and that the urgency of the climate crisis calls for rapid action for a just transition to clean, renewable energy. We urge you to join Governor Jay Inslee in taking a stand for climate action and public health by opposing the Jordan Cove LNG project in Oregon.

At a time when international climate scientists agree we have less than 12 years to take action and avert the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, climate leaders must speak out loud and clear against the folly of building new major fossil fuel infrastructure. Jordan Cove LNG would have a greenhouse gas footprint of 15 times that of the soon-to-close Boardman coal plant. If Oregon is to have a chance at meeting its goals for carbon emissions reductions, Jordan Cove LNG must not be allowed to go forward.

We urge you to use your position of leadership to ensure that the Department of State Lands thoroughly reviews the over 50,000 comments submitted in opposition to granting Jordan Cove LNG a removal-fill permit. We call on you to speak openly about the impacts the project would have on landowners, business owners, and everyday people throughout our state. The time is now to stand with southern Oregonians and oppose the Jordan Cove LNG project.


Hannah Sohl, Executive Director

Rogue Climate

Robyn Janssen, Director

Rogue Riverkeeper

Ka’ila Farrell-Smith, Co-Director, Rural & Tribal Community Coordinator

Signal Fire

Janaira Ramirez, Coalition Organizer

Oregon Just Transition Alliance

Huy Ong, Executive Director

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

Stanley Petrowski, President/Director

South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership

Joseph Patrick Quinn, Board Vice-President

Umpqua Watersheds, Inc.

Natalie Ranker, President

Citizens for Renewables

Rhett Lawrence, Conservation Director

Sierra Club, Oregon Chapter

Daniel Serres, Conservation Director

Columbia Riverkeeper

Patricia Hine & Deb McGee, Directors

350 Eugene

Trish Weber, Advisory Team Member

350 Corvallis

Dineen O’Rourke, Campaign & Action Organizer


Leonard Higgins, Board Member Emeritus

Climate Direct Action

Thomas Meyer, Regional Organizing Manager

Food & Water Watch

David Turnbull, Strategic Communications Director

Oil Change International

Gabriel Scott, In-house Counsel

Cascadia Wildlands

Kelly Campbell, Executive Director

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Brendan Adamczyk, Co-Director

University of Oregon Climate Justice League

Madeline Cowen, Outreach Coordinator

Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology (FUSEE)

Cameron La Follette, Executive Director

Oregon Coast Alliance

Nicholas Caleb, J.D., LL.M., Staff Attorney

Center for Sustainable Economy

Suzie Kassouf, Organizer

Sunrise Movement PDX

Bonnie McKinlay, Member

Stop Fracked Gas PDX

Cassidy Jones, Deputy Director

Our Climate

Sen Basav, Climate Justice Director

Institute for Policy Studies

RL Miller, Political Director

Climate Hawks Vote

Graham Clumpner, Organizer

Mosquito Fleet

Rose Hughes, Board Member

Oregon Women’s Land

Ken Lans, MD, Chair, Climate & Health Task Force

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

Jess Wallach, Keep It In The Ground Organizer

350 Seattle

Carol Kindt, Organizer

350 Tacoma

Collin Rees, Core Team Organizer

350 DC

Pascoe Sabido

Corporate Europe Observatory

Ted Glick, Organizer

Beyond Extreme Energy

Sam Schwarz, Chair

Surfrider Foundation, Coos Bay Chapter

Sandra Hernandez, Director

Latinos Unidos Siempre