Monday, May 20, 2019

Power Past Fracked Gas Statement on Climate Policy & Tacoma LNG

Washington is leading the nation in equitable and effective climate policy and we cannot allow new massive fracked gas facilities to undermine this historic progress toward a clean energy economy. The proposed Tacoma LNG facility is an issue of human rights, health and safety, and upholding tribal treaty rights. Tacoma LNG has not been adequately assessed using the best available science and the City of Tacoma’s own Human Rights Commission has underscored the threats the facility poses to the Puyallup Tribe and immigrants detained at the Northwest Detention Center. We look to the City of Tacoma, as the SEPA lead agency, to take the next step and initiate a supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to protect the health and safety of the Puyallup Tribe, workers, and all Tacomans.