On January 28th, 2019, King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove will introduce an ordinance prohibiting all new, major fossil fuel infrastructure projects, such as gas pipeline expansion and new oil terminals.

To ensure that it passes, we need to generate as many calls as possible to King County Council Members. Please call King County Council Chair Joe McDermott at 206-477-1008 today (click here for a sample script!)

By proactively prohibiting new fossil fuel infrastructure, we can keep our communities safe from toxic air, water and climate pollution, and ensure that King County is the next brick in a wall of communities along the West Coast that prohibits the expansion of dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure.

Can you take a few minutes today to call the King County Council and ask them to vote yes on the #FossilFreeKC ordinance?  206-477-1008 (click here for a sample script!)

If King County Council passes this ordinance, it will be one of the strongest pieces of anti-fossil fuel legislation ever passed in the United States. But that means we need to show truly broad popular support for the bill.

Can you help us by calling King County Council Chair Joe McDermott today? 206-477-1008

Learn more: http://350seattle.org/fossilfreekc/