Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Olympia, WA — Today, a crowd of Washington environmental justice and public health advocates, youth leaders, and elected officials gathered at the State Capitol Building to urge Governor Jay Inslee to reject proposals for new fracked gas infrastructure in Washington.

Inslee has championed policies to limit climate pollution and promote clean energy, but he has yet to publicly oppose fracked gas infrastructure projects proposed for the state — including Tacoma LNG and the Kalama fracked gas-to-methanol refinery — which threaten to dramatically increase Washington’s contribution to the climate crisis.

The group delivered boxes containing nearly 150,000 public comments and petitions opposing these dirty fossil fuel projects.

“We know that Governor Inslee understands the need for urgent action to address the climate crisis, and he’s helped make Washington a leader in the transition to clean energy. Now we urge him to continue the work of moving Washington past fossil fuels, including gas,” said Cecile Gernez, Conservation Organizer with the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter. “We hope that Governor Inslee will continue fighting for our communities and our climate by taking a strong stand against fracked gas.”

“Climate change is impacting our health now,” said Dr. Lisa Johnson of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. “Effective action requires leaving fossil fuels like fracked gas behind while creating a transition to the clean energy we know is possible.”

“Governor Inslee needs to make it clear that he will prioritize the health of our families, climate, and democracy over fracked gas profits by supporting a just and immediate transition to clean energy,” said Mason Rolph of the Sunrise Movement. “We need leaders who will actively resist projects such as the Tacoma LNG plant and Kalama methanol plant. The difference between our politicians’ empty promises and bold climate action is our survival.”

“Washington is looking for a great leader to take responsibility for the future and tackle one of the largest problems of our lifetime,” said Steve Storms, founding member of Advocates for a Cleaner Tacoma. “Governor Inslee can be this leader if he can accept the responsibility.”

“Every step in the fracked gas-to-methanol process puts human health in danger,” said Cam Keely, a Kalama resident and student at Clark College. “Fracking is not clean and contaminates air and groundwater. The transportation of the gas requires dirty infrastructure developments and pipelines that can leak or explode. Operating the methanol plant will emit massive amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere. Shipping the methanol to China greatly increases the risk to communities along the Columbia river. We are calling on Governor Inslee to stand up to this and other fracked gas plans in Washington.”

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